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Boost your assets with modular Liquid staking.

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Modular Liquid Staking

Liquid stake

Stake TIA tokens, help secure the Celestia network and earn auto-compounded staking rewards.

Receive milkToken

Receive milkToken, which accrues in value along with the staking rewards.

Use in DeFi

Utilize your milkTIA across various DeFi platforms to further compound your staking rewards.

Road to 1001 mpoints

Stake INIT on our testnet weekly for points.

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Week 1
17 - 23 Jul
Week 2
24 - 30 Jul
Week 3
31 Jul - 6 Aug
Week 4
6 -13 Aug


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Frequently asked questions

What is MilkyWay?

Open FAQ

MilkyWay offers a liquid staking solution for Celestia's TIA.

For a detailed explanation of how MilkyWay works, please refer to the documentation.

The staked TIA is used to secure Celestia, and you can utilize milkTIA for various DeFi activities.

By staking your TIA coins with MilkyWay, you receive an on-chain representation of your TIA staking position called milkTIA.

Why is MilkyWay on Osmosis?

Open FAQ

Osmosis DEX offers the largest on-chain TIA liquidity and supports CosmWam contracts, making it the ideal platform to initiate milkTIA issuance.

MilkyWay plans to transition to native Celestia milkTIA issuance using its rollkit.

For a detailed explanation of MilkyWay’s architecture, please refer to the documentation.

Who are the validators that I am staking with?

Open FAQ

MilkyWay does not operate any validators. Instead, it partners with trusted validators from Celestia's validator set. For a complete list of the current validator set, please refer to the documentation.

When staking TIA through MilkyWay, you cannot choose which validator to stake with. The staked TIA is evenly distributed among all validators. None of the validators will charge a commission of more than 10%.

Are there any costs to use MilkyWay?

Open FAQ

Since MilkyWay operates as an on-chain protocol, interacting with the platform will incur gas fees. The cost of gas will depend on the chain's settings and demand.

In addition to gas fees, there are other costs to consider. Validators may charge a commission fee of up to 10%. MilkyWay also applies a 10% protocol fee on staking rewards.

What is $MILK?

Open FAQ

$MILK will be the native token of the MilkyWay Protocol. $MILK holders will receive a portion of the 10% protocol fee charged on all staking rewards generated by milkTIA holders. $MILK will also be the governance token of the MilkyWay Protocol, meaning that $MILK holders will have the power to vote on changes to the protocol, such as new features, fee structure, and treasury management.

The MilkyWay Protocol is committed to being 100% governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that the community will have full control over the protocol and its future.

Has MilkyWay been audited?

Open FAQ

Yes, MilkyWay's code has undergone an audit by Oak Security prior to launch. Check out the full report for details.

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MilkyWay provides liquid staking for TIA

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